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Melissa getting wild in front of the camera


Melissa Midwest had a great deal of fun through the camshow that she wanted everyone to find out just how much great time it was. Melissa was sitting on her bar for the video show, and individuals were simply becoming ridiculous, and this made it much fun. She was fooling around a lot and the folks back home had her getting nude so fast that she needed to get a sextoy quite early in to the show. She was truly loving this, however all of a sudden a buddy arrived to provide me a hand. This dude was great using this sextoy, so she turned around and allowed him to use the toy on her from the rear. He chose to surprise MelissaMidwest although when he got a bit of lubricant and set the sextoy up her tight ass. Melissa ensured to place a movie from the spectacle therefore do not miss it.

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Sexy Melissa Midwest playing with her perfect tits


Well finally another sunny day in Nebraska just before the camshow. Melissa Midwest was quite pleased to be capable of layout and obtain some sunlight just before she talked to all of you fellas. The weather outdoors made she wanting to discover if she can make it just as warm indoors for all that was there. She certain believed like it was just as hot inside, however, you fellas had her having a lot of fun getting nude, and playing with her nice breasts before she got one of her favored sextoys to finish herself off. MelissaMidwest actually made a short movie with the enjoyable time from the hot camshow.

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Melissa getting drunk and exposing her pussy


Wow the past ten days have been actually crazy for Melissa Midwest and this special update will be excellent. It is the moment for an all time preferred set therefore she used several of her beloved Husker Football pictures. These are a few of her wild ones after a game and sure she was quite drunk in many of them. It is approaching the kick off approximately a month and sexy Melissa is becoming quite enthusiastic for her Huskers to perform better yet than they did a year ago. Additionally do not ignore she is performing a bachelor party once again.

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Melissa Midwest having a great time at her birthday party


Well, Melissa Midwest’s birthday was a while back and she wished to reveal everyone some of the great time she had on her birthday party. She, obviously want to put on her special birthday fit so that was all she was wearing besides her celebration cap. On another evening some of Melissa’s best friends threw her a major party at one bar here in Lincoln, and everybody got so crazy the whole night. that must have been one of her best birthday party ever. She wanted to let everybody know that she is doing bachelor celebrations again, so if you would like her to perform one for you send her a message, fast, because spots are filling up quite fast. Gorgeous Melissa Midwest just started a shooting with a fresh babe yesterday, so stay tuned for Melissa’s fresh site soon.

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MelissaMidwest having fun with herself in front of the webcam


Melissa Midwest had a great deal of fun through the camshow the night before that she wished most people who wasn’t there to view the exciting photographs. It was a calming evening for Melissa and she was only spending time with you guys on the webcam in a exercise outfit. Of course she wasn’t wearing that outfit for a long time. MelissaMidwest decided since she was nude she might have fun with herself for a bit. That was really great, and after that our stuntcock surprised her, and she thought that she will just give a nice blowjob. However, he must have enjoyed it very much, since he was able to explode in her mouth immediately.

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Melissa Midwest fourth of July great party


Melissa had a great fourth of July, she went to a couple of parties, and had a lot of fun with lots of friends that she do not get too meet frequently. It was an event on the lake during the day in which everyone was getting so crazy that Melissa didn’t want to go away.This gorgeous babe who is looking just like Brooke Adams had to go though due to the fact lots of friends were arriving over to her house to light off numerous fireworks. That was much fun. She ensured to obtain some exciting photos of her getting nude with a few fireworks, and also flashing some parts of her perfect body from the boat just before she left the lake. Make sure you look at the free MelissaMidwest videos from her July fourth fun!!

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Melissa Midwest playing with her yummy pussy


Sexy Melissa Midwest had a thrilling time through the camshow yesterday and desired to present everybody certain parts from it. There was lots of brand new people watching, and finding out plenty of issues they did not know about Melissa. She always like to make new friends during the show, as well as talking to folks who have been members for some time. This specific Videoshow was more fun for cute Melissa because she had a fresh toy that really seems just like a cock with nuts mounted on it. She was having such a great time having fun with those sextoys. Be sure to view all the free melissa midwest videos inside my blog.         

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Melissa blowjobs and swallows cum!


Its been awhile since we didn’t see some nice bj action from Melissa. She thought the same I guess, and decided to film this scene. This sexy blonde called the dude to come by her house, of course the dude went….fuck it, why didn’t she called my number instead? Anyway, I think nobody can resist to the beauty of Melissa, this dude was already half hard before she even get a chance to take down his pants and grab his cock! Melissa Midwest didn’t wait for it to become any harder on its own, so she started right away to suck on that hard cock!  With a little bit of spitting, a little bit of biting, a little bit of licking, Melissa lost all her control and sucked this dude until his cock cum exploded in her mouth! Man, what a great blowjob!

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Bubbly Melissa


Here, in this scene, Melissa Midwest plays with her boobs while having a bubbly bath. First she gets naked, slowly throwing her lingerie away, after that she gets all the bubbles from the water and starts rubbing her nice firm boobs! Then she moves down and rubs her fine ass. The fun and very hot part comes next, when she started using all the water jets from the hot tub, she first sat on the jets, letting them massage her already wet pussy. After that she started moving back and forward, so the water jet washed her “dirty pussy”. Because nobody was there to help her cum, she did all by herself. A very nice video, check it out if you have the chance! For more action, visit the public-pickups.org site and see some slutty chicks getting nailed!

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Melissa Midwest cuming from a toy and piece of ice


The other night, Melissa Midwest had another great cam show! If you weren’t there, you missed some of the best moments with her. First she slowly got naked, played a little with her nice boobs, then she pulled up her skirt and started to play with her moist pussy. She first used her fingers, she was so wet that she was dripping all over the black leather couch. After her clit was hard, she got a red thin dildo that she started to stick it inside her dirty pussy. The heat was huge, I thought that she was going to cum all over the camera lenses…but wait, she took a piece of ice and chilled off that heated pussy…what happened next, I can’t describe, you gotta see it to believe it! Make sure to check out the free video of the cam show to see how hot it was

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